(1) There shall be a Committee on Papers laid/to be laid on the table and Library. Consisting of not more than ten Members.

(2) The Committee shall be nominated by the Speaker and shall hold office for a term not exceeding one year.

(3) The functions of the Committee shall be to examine all papers laid on the table by Ministers and to report to the House on--

    (a) Whether there has been compliance of the Provisions of the Constitution,Act, rule or regulation under which the paper has been laid.

    (b) Whether there has been any unreasonable delay in laying the paper.

    (c) If there has been such delay,whether a statement explaining the reasons for delay has been laid on the table and whether those reasons are satisfactory.

(4) The Committee shall Perform such other functions in respect of the papers laid on the table as may be assigned to it by the Speaker from time to time.

(5) The Committee shall also examine and report on such cases,where the papers have not been laid on the Table within the time prescribed by the relevant Act,rule,regulation,etc., or where the papers required to be laid have not been so laid on the Table within a reasonable period of time.

(6) The Committee shall also advise upon matters connected with the Members Library.

SNo. Name of Members Designation
1. Mohammad Jamil Ur Rahman Chairman
2. Sh. Amandeep Singh Musafir Member 
3. Sh. Amolak Singh Member 
4. Sh. Avtar Singh Junior Member 
5. Sh.Barinder Kumar Goyal Vakeel Member 
6. Smt. Ganieve Kaur Majithia Member 
7. Sh. Hardeep Singh Mundian Member 
8. Sh. Manwinder Singh Giaspura Member 
9. Sh. Sukhbinder Singh Sarkaria Member 
10. Sh. Vijay Singla Member